Hello Kitty Cafe

I was a big fan of Hello Kitty when I was a kid.  I am not anymore but I still order Hello Kitty pancakes if I have a choice.

Chopstick Shop

Chopsticks are made in different forms and are made in different districts in Japan. Each chopstick has a different background and history behind it. They are made from different varieties of wood, painted in different kinds of rackers, and have different sizes to meet everyone’s taste.  If you go to a specialised store, you will…

With Green Tea

Traditional Japanese sweets are made  mainly from natural vegetarian ingredients such as beans, soy powder, fresh fruits, chestnuts and matcha powder. No butter and eggs are used in this process. But that does not justify this as a diet food.  We put alot of sugar in it.  But it is truly enjoyable to have seasonal…

Yuurei (Ghost) Slope

There are many famous slopes in Mita.  There is one slope that is kind of creepy yet historical, called Yuurei Zaka . Yuurei means ghost or soul of the deceased.  One doctrine states that it was named so because of its creepiness surrounded by the temples that were relocated to this area from Haccho Bori back in 1635 due…

The Painter Toshio Midorikawa

When the 3.11. earthquake hit Tohoku, the artwork that the Painter Toshio Midorikawa was working on at the time was in his art studio in Tokyo. His artwork fell down and broke into pieces.  The artist decorated these broken pieces to create special objects to express his feeling for the broken ones.

Hello Kitty Store

This Hello Kitty store in Shinjuku has been there for decades.  I used to go to this place to buy hello kitty goods when I was in elementary school.  The name of the store is called Gift Gate.  Today, the size of the store is much smaller but it is still there.  It is located…

Excursion in a Residential Area

When you’re in Tokyo,  you may find it fun to walk around in the residential areas to enjoy peaceful and real life atmosphere.  You will see people walking their dogs,  jogging and playing sports.  

Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine is conveniently located within walking distance of Harajuku, Omotesando, Yoyogi park and Jingumae.

Japanese Noodles

Have you tried any Japanese noodles? Have you tried curry udon? Thick noodles made from flour are called Udon. Thin noodles made of buckwheat flour are called Soba. Be careful when you eat curry noodles because you don’t want curry sauce splashing on your shirt. Nishin (grilled dried herring) soba is delicious. Traditional cold noodles…

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library is in a beautiful residential area and situated on the premise of one of the gardens owned by the Imperial family.  Surrounded by a pond, parks and gardens, it is nice to walk around this public library and enjoy it’s atmosphere.      

Lunch Box

There are a variety of lunch boxes you can choose from when you go to the basement floor of any major department store. I normally get mine from Isetan department store in Shinjuku.    

Asakusa Boat Cruise

There is a temple where many tourists like to visit in Asakusa. What many people don’t know is that from Asakusa you can take a ferry boat that will take you to Odaiba. A one-way trip costs 1100 yen. We call it the Tokyo Mizube Line.

Small Space Garden

If you live in central Tokyo, you are unlikely to have your own backyard or garden. Many of us live in a condominium and have a limited space on the patio.  Mine is really, really tiny. That does not necessarily mean that we cannot enjoy gardening though. Related articles How To Make Your Own Balcony…

Statue of Hachi

A dog story of loyalty in Tokyo has been spoken about by many people. Many more tourists have visited him after the movie Hachi was released.  Please visit Hachi when you are in Shibuya.  R.I.P.  Hachi….

Yoyogi Park

Almost every week fun events are going on in Yoyogi Park. Free Admission. Enjoy your day under the sun with food and music.

Free Observatory

The Tokyo City Hall in Shinjuku has two observatories. One is located in the North Tower and the other one in the South Tower. You will get to see different views of Tokyo if you visit both of them.  But visiting only one would be sufficient if you just want to enjoy your visit. FREE Admission.