Rose Bakery

I guess Rose Bakery is doing well in Tokyo. There was a long line and waiting time to get our seats in the tea room in Shinjuku (Isetan Dept. Store).  Our favourite carrot cake was all sold out (tears).

But it is definately the perfect place to have some coffee and chat after shopping.




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  1. That is a wonderfully beautiful picture of the young woman. There seems to be something on her mind. I like it because it makes me look at her more deeply than just any photograph. Thanks for sharing and following my blog, too.


  2. naokoko2000 says:

    Thank you. That is my daughter who was visiting me in Tokyo. We can get together only once a twice a year so it was a special moment to go out to do some shopping together. Glad to get to find you.


  3. i didn’t know RB’s a chain! i’ve been to the one in seoul…


    1. TOKYO LIVING says:

      you have it in Seoul, too?


      1. at least 1 that i’ve been to…at itaewon. the bread and ratatouille were lovely.


      2. TOKYO LIVING says:

        We have a same taste in Seoul and in Tokyo.


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