Delicious Noodles, Cozy space, Hospitality, Free Coffee and Dessert, Free Chopsticks and a Free Gift –all for 700 yen! Absolutely a steal deal!

Are you a dealer wheeler? At a noodle house called, Hana Daikon in Ginza, the price of delicious cold noodles starts from 700 yen for lunch.  What’s surprising is that no matter what you order, it comes with free coffee and dessert.  Then they bring you a folder made of paper for you to put your beautiful chop sticks in to bring them home as a souvenir.  No wonder why those chop sticks were brand new and still labeled when they brought us our meals. But the freebies don’t stop there. They give you a coupon that you will get you a free gift when you bring it to the store upstairs.  The free gift can be another free set of chopsticks or china.  What a great deal!




The restaurant is on the basement level.

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