Japanese Noodles

Have you tried any Japanese noodles? Have you tried curry udon? Thick noodles made from flour are called Udon. Thin noodles made of buckwheat flour are called Soba.


Be careful when you eat curry noodles because you don’t want curry sauce splashing on your shirt.


Nishin (grilled dried herring) soba is delicious.


Traditional cold noodles come in two varieties: (1) Mori soba and (2) Zaru soba.  Mori-soba has thinly sliced dried seaweed garnished on the top.  Zaru-soba doesn’t come with this, therefore, it is lower priced.  You dip your noodles in a dipping sauce.  Add sliced green onions, wasabi paste and red pepper to the sauce.  After you finish your noodles, they will bring you boiled soba water for you to pour into your dipping sauce to make a soup to drink.

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