Happoen Japanese Garden


Situated in the middle of the quiet, Shirokane area lies Happoen Japanese Garden. Previously owned by a successful merchant back in the Edo era, around the 17th century, it is now open for the guests of the hotel.  Happo means “from 8 angles”.  En means garden.  So Happoen means a garden beautiful to look at from all angles.  It is now part of the hotel called Happoen where many people choose to hold their wedding receptions.  The shrine inside of the garden is a national monument.  There is a teahouse to serve green tea. The admission is free but the sign says it’s for their guests only.  So what you can do is to have breakfast or lunch at the hotel and then head down to the garden.

IMG_9514 IMG_9516


A dream job.

IMG_9540 IMG_9546 IMG_9548 IMG_9556

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