Jiyuugaoka is the most popular neighborhood in Tokyo for women to live. There are many places here to visit and things to enjoy.  On the weekend, people from all over come to enjoy the town filled with cozy places to dine, shops and hang-out spots.

Jiyuu means freedom or liberty.  Oka means hill. Jiyuugaoka is Hill of Liberty.

To go to Jiyuugaoka, take the Tokyu Line from Shibuya.  It is only a few stations away.

IMG_9647 IMG_9648 IMG_9649 IMG_9650

I can’t wait to have grandkids.

IMG_9651 IMG_9654 IMG_9655 IMG_9657

IMG_9679 IMG_9680 IMG_9682 IMG_9684

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackiej says:

    Nice paceful places to visit, Thanks Naoko San ! Love !


    1. naokoko2000 says:

      Can not wait to have you around in Tokyo in October.


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