The original Ninben store in Nihonbashi is one of my favorite places in Tokyo.  Ninben is now a big corporation that manufactures and distributes dried bonito products.  You can use their dried bonito flakes for cooking.   Bonito flakes are used for making soup stock which is then used to cook food and soup.

You can purchase dried bonito goods at the store.  You can also watch a man making bonito flakes from dried bonito sticks.

The highlight of this shop is the Dashi Bar, where you can have soup made out of dried bonito served with food or snacks.  They have four different kinds of soup.


The entrance to Ninben.


This is the 300 year anniversary statue of bonito displayed in the store.

IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0045


Dashi Bar.


This snack set consisting of a cup of Dashi and soft chewy rice crackers costs 200 yen.  You can add soy sauce or salt to your dashi soup to taste.

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