Ramen with Black Garlic Sauce

At a restaurant in Shibuya, we tried ramen with a black sauce made out of roasted garlic. It was delicious and a bargain at 790 yen!  You can also get five pieces of gyoza for only 280 yen. You can purchase your ticket from a ticket machine. Restaurant: Daruma-no-me in Shibuya

One Day Excursion to Kamakura

For 890 yen each way, there is a train from Shinagawa station that goes straight to Kamakura. This journey takes approximately 50 minutes. Kamakura is an old, beach town filled with many shrines and temples.

Jail Bar

The Lockup is a fun, drinking place. When you first arrive, you walk down a set of spooky and dark stairs that keep going down, at the bottom there is a secret entrance to get in. Through the doors, you navigate through a cave in the dark. You follow the bumpy floor, lighted by a…

Pancake Days Cafe

The Pancakes Days cafe in Harajuku serves exclusively just pancakes.  Pancakes… what a soothing and therapeutic sound.  It’s totally a comfort food… we got lucky to be able to get in without waiting.  Normally there is a very long line.  You have to wait for hours before you get to gave any pancakes. But people…

Eat Flan the Tokyo Way

Lately, I have been taking voice lessons on a weekly basis in Shibuya.  On my way to class, I discovered a hidden gem. If you walk up this hill, you will find a coffee shop that serves the most delicious, fresh coffee.  They are known as having a famous dessert patissier.  The name of this…

Pottery Artist Masaaki Hibino

Here is a creation from Masaaki Hibino, the pottery artist from Gifu who has captured my heart.  I have finally obtained these beautiful pieces from him and I am delighted to use them and make my dining experience more enjoyable.  The style of his pottery is called Mino Yaki.

Hanazono Manjyu Cafe

I grew up eating sweets from Hanazono Manjyu.  Today, you can purchase their sweets at any major department store.  Their flagship store is located across the street from the Hanazono Shrine on Meiji Dori Street just a few blocks away from the Shinjuku 3-chome crossing.  They have been in the confectionary business since 1834. They…

Making Tofu Salad with Kaiware Radish Sprouts

Kaiware radish sprouts are very nutritious and perfect for the summer.   I like to use them to garnish my tofu. First, cut the tofu, kaiware radish sprouts and fried calamari into small pieces.  Next add ginger paste, dried bonito flakes, and sliced myoga ginger on the top to taste.  Sesame seed dressing would also…

Hediard the bakery

Once a week, I visit a bakery in Isetan called Hediard to purchase my bread. You can find this bakery all over Tokyo but because I visit Isetan anyway, I like to go to this one.

Chaya Aoyagi

Once a week, I like to visit the Isetan department store for shopping.  It has been my family ritual to visit Isetan on a weekly basis ever since I was small. On the 7th floor, there are many good restaurants to dine at.  One particular favorite of mine is Chaya Aoyagi, I like to rest here…

Tea Drink Coasters

Here’s the newest addition to my coaster collection. At first it looks like this:   There is a button hole at the end to hold the edge. Now it’s ready to use! My collection

The Ultimate Snow Cone with Matcha Ice Cream

Yes I admit, I have a sweet tooth. On a hot summer’s day like today, it’s a great excuse to walk down to the sweets parlour to get some energy food. Shiratama balls and sweet azuki bean paste makes it taste just perfect!