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  1. xLovelyx says:

    Hello !! Whereabouts is this place/restaurant?? I really want to try when I go to Japan !!


    1. TOKYO LIVING says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog. The place is called Zenkashoin and the one I normally go to is in Shibuya, inside of the Hikarie bldg.
      here is their website:
      I also recommend Gion-tokuma. They have a very tall snow cone that is amazing.
      Both Zenkashoin and Gion-tokuma are posted under Japanese Cafe on this blog so check it out.


  2. xLovelyx says:

    Thank you so much for your reply… do they do this dessert all year round? Is it on the menu or do you mix and match yourself? I am excited to try this…. are there any simple directions to get there?
    Also, are there any other good dessert places? =)


    1. TOKYO LIVING says:

      You are most welcome. Snow Cone is served only in summer. Only what you can mix and match are drinks. You can select from coffee, black tea, matcha tea, green tea, ice or hot, etc. but the rest will come as a set on a tray. The Hikarie building is situated in front of JR Shibuya station but opposite side from the exit that they have the crossing and the statue of Hachi. So it is like on the back side of Shibuya station. It is a tall new building so it is easy to find the bldg it self. Then you go up to the 5th. When you visit Tokyo, try Gion-tokuma, Toraya, Hanazono Manjyu and Chaya Aoyage. Give me a buzz when you come to Tokyo. In the meantime, I will keep introducing more Japanese cafes and Wagashi on my blog. Stay tuned.


  3. xLovelyx says:

    Oh no, that’s a real shame…. I’ll be going in mid-May…. are there places with similar desserts above? and ones with matcha green tea icecream and shiritama balls?? =) I typed in on the google search the last few ones you recommended but nothing came up….


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