There is a perfect brunch spot located in Roppongi Hills called Launderdale.

You can choose to either have your breakfast outside on the patio or inside of the restaurant. We choose to sit outside and enjoy the lovely weather.

Launderdale’s speciality is their Soufflé.  However, it takes 20 minutes to be served if you would like the souffle, so we ordered something else off the menu. I choose to order  a smoked salmon with spinach omelet and a hot cup of coffee.   My friend ordered the banana pancakes with a refreshing glass of orange juice.   The pancakes were just right, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  It makes your morning just perfect.

IMG_0484 IMG_0485
You can put your belongings in the baskets next to your table.
Panpkin soup was sold out but the carrot soup was tres bien.
The mouth watering smoked salmon and spinach omelet. The Bacon were cooked to perfection, done nice and crispy.
Banana pancakes.

My friend from Thailand.

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