Dorayaki Cafe

Harajuku Kotobuki Cafe in Harajuku is a cafe where you can enjoy Dorayaki and Matcha tea as well as other beverages and sweets.  It maybe hard to locate the place because it is located on the basement level of a building but it is conveniently located near Harajuku station.  A menu in English is also…

Coffe Sakan Syu

Coffee Sakan Syu is a coffee shop chain so you can find this place all over Tokyo.  The one I tend to visit the most is located in Shibuya but I also like the one in Yurakucho too.  The premium blend coffee I order is a heavily, tasty coffee that you will be addicted to….

Christmas Dinner at home

It was nice to have special guests to have dinner together for Christmas and it turned out to be very international.  They were from Britain, France, Korea, US and Japan.

Holiday Illumination at the Tokyo Midtown Building in Roppongi

During the holiday season, you will enjoy illuminated towns here and there in Tokyo.  One popular place is Tokyo Midtown, a building in Roppongi.  The illumination show lasts for 2 minutes and on the way to get to the show area you will walk through illuminated trees.  The waiting line was long and the waiting…

Vegetarian Food Cooking Class at a Temple

Today, we took a private cooking lesson at the Tera-an Temple in Akasaka. We learned to cook four different seasonable and traditional vegetarian dishes.  Private lesson is 8000 yen per person and at the end of the lesson, you get to have nice lunch in the Buddha room.  We had a great time and we…

An Overnight Trip to Kusatsu Onsen, The Hot Spring Town

If you only have one or two days to spend, people will normally go to the onsen towns close to Tokyo such as Hakone, Atami, Syuzenji, and Ito.  It will be a long drive to visit Kusatsu by car because it is situated on the mountain far from Tokyo.  However, if you take a Kusatsu…

Inokashira Park in Winter

Inokashira Park in Kichijyoji is located only a few minutes walk away from JR Kichijyoji station. In the Spring, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms, in the Fall you can enjoy the autumn colour of the leaves, throughout the year you will enjoy riding the swan boats, the zoo and the Ghibli museum. There are…

Cha No Yu Cafe in Kichijyoji

Even though Cha No Yu Cafe is hidden away off a local side street, there is a long line to get a seat. They serve all kinds of green tea, black tea and coffee that come with a variety of sweets. The cafe is located in Kichijoji, a town famous for having Inokashira Park, zoo…

350 Yen Wood Fired Pizza

At Napoli’s in Shibuya, you can order a 25cm margarita wood-fired pizza for only 350 yen.  The other pizzas on the menu are also reasonably priced at 500 yen to 600 yen.  They bake the pizza after you place your order but it is prepared so quickly that you don’t need to wait long.  You…

Shiitake Mushroom Appetizer

Fresh mushrooms taste very good by simply grilling them for a few minutes.  They taste good with soy sauce or soy sauce with vinegar to taste.

Hibiya Park Center Cafe

After you’ve finished walking around Hibiya park, come visit the park center to rest and enjoy a cup of tea.  When it is sunny and warm, the outside patio is open.  When it is a cold and chilly day, the inside of the cafe is nice and cozy.

Candy Cane Lane in Marunouchi

The streets and buildings are lit up for Christmas and invite people to come enjoy the holiday atmosphere and have a enjoyable shopping and dining experience.  In Marunouchi, even on a Sunday night, the streets and alleys are crowded with happy people. Tokyo Central Station

Hibiya Park in the Fall

Hibiya Park is a public park well known as a place for outdoor concerts. The park is situated in the middle of Tokyo’s office district near the Imperial Park, adjacent from the Imperial Hotel.  Various events are held throughout the year in the park.  Free admission.

Hibiya Kadan Florist

The signature store of the florist giant, Hiniya Kadan is actually a very small, lovely store on the corner of Hibiya Park, unlike it’s image of being one of the biggest florist companies. When I visited the store today is was nicely decorated with a holiday theme.

Sesame Flavored Mashed Taro Potatoes

What you will need: 3-4 large size taro potatoes (6-8 small size), 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds and mirin each, 1 teaspoon of miso, some green to garnish. First, boil the taro potatoes and set aside.  Grind the sesame seeds well and mix with the miso and mirin.  Add taro potatoes to this mixture and…

Kobe Beef Course Menu For Only 5500 Yen

It’s easy to spend between 15,000 yen to 20,000 yen or more per person to have Kobe beef.  It’s quite expensive but it’s a must-try-in-a lifetime experience to taste Kobe beef. At Ajitetsu in Akasaka, they have a hidden menu of several different kinds of course menus which start at 5500 yen per person. It…