Meguro Gajyoen

Meguro Gajyoen, which is currently a hotel in Meguro, used to be a place where common people could enjoy dinner in luxurious Japanese rooms with a view of Mt. Fuji since 1928. It was also a popular place to have a wedding ceremony.  There was a time when two hundred couples a day got married at Meguro Gajyoen.  Today it has changed into a modern building but part of the old buildings from back then still remains as a Tokyo City treasury.  They used to have two hundred rooms but now they only have 7 rooms left. You can book to attend events to view these rooms and the famous 100 stairs (please note that the actual number of steps is 99).

After the viewing tour, we had nice Japanese lunch.  The package of the one-hour long tour and lunch is 4600 yen per person.  You need to book the space in advance and check-in at the registration table in the lobby.  The tour guide will then take you upstairs by the gorgeous elevator.  Then you take off your shoes to enter into the historical zone.  You are not allowed to take photos so I am not able to show it to you but it was just magnificent and beautiful.IMG_2092IMG_2100IMG_2101IMG_2102IMG_2103IMG_2105IMG_2107IMG_2112

escorted to the restaurant after the tourIMG_2114IMG_2123IMG_2124IMG_2129IMG_2130IMG_2131IMG_2133IMG_2134IMG_2135

IMG_2137IMG_2138IMG_2141IMG_2142IMG_2188 IMG_2189

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  1. Jackie says: is my blog, welcome Naoko.

    Wonderful pictures, you’re the best reporter. Kiss XXX


    1. TOKYO LIVING says:

      Thank you ~ *^^* XOXO


  2. John says:

    Fantastic photos Naoko! Thanks so much!


    1. TOKYO LIVING says:

      You are most welcome


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