Shibuya Street Photographers

Street photographers will gather periodically to go out and shoot the streets.  The organiser is American and has been living in Tokyo for the last 10 years, he happens to know every hidden street in Shibuya.

I brought along with me my Canon 5D and explored the town with the other street photographers.



Here are some of my shots:

IMG_2227 IMG_2237 IMG_2240 IMG_2245 IMG_2250 IMG_2251 IMG_2252 IMG_2255 IMG_2258 IMG_2265 IMG_2271 IMG_2273 IMG_2279 IMG_2293 IMG_2295






IMG_2309 IMG_2310 IMG_2312 IMG_2326 IMG_2337 IMG_2344 IMG_2345 IMG_2349 IMG_2350 IMG_2355 IMG_2371 IMG_2372 IMG_2373 IMG_2375 IMG_2376 IMG_2390

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