Wagashi Class

Eating Wagashi with green tea is nice but making it is fun. In Kyoto, sweets makers offer sweet making classes for visitors. We tried it out at Yoshihiro in Nijyo. The cost is 1950 yen per person. 1620 yen for children and students (high school) plus tax.  They offer four classes daily: 9:15, 11:00, 13:30 and 15:15.  Each class is 75 minutes long. You get to learn how to make two different kinds of Kyoto-style wagashi.  It was almost like playing with play dough to me. We had fun for sure.

After you make your own Kyoto-style wagashi, you are served green tea and another wagashi.  The wagashi you made are for you to take home.  You will need to eat it on that day as it has no preservatives so it goes bad fast.  They will take a picture of each group and issue you a diploma!  It was indeed a fun experience.

IMG_2964 IMG_2965 IMG_2966 IMG_2967 IMG_2969 IMG_2970 IMG_2971 IMG_2974 IMG_2976 IMG_2999 IMG_3000 IMG_3001 IMG_3008 IMG_3011



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