Fruit Cutting Class

We attended a fruit cutting class at the Love Story Kitchen studio in Shinjuku. The first class was to learn basic cutting skills and the second class was to work on a project of creating a party plate. Love Story Kitchen offers a variety of cooking classes and I really enjoy learning how to cook.   this…

A Cozy hotel near the Snow Monkey Park

After we had fun hiking and watching the snow monkeys, we checked in and enjoyed our stay at a hotel with hot springs. The hotel is called Yuyado Sekiya, one of the closest hotels to the monkey park.  Each room comes with its own hot spa tub outside.  Our room had a bedroom, a western style living…

Snow Monkey Trip

We went to see the snow monkeys for our Christmas vacation.  We took a bullet train from Tokyo station to Nagano station and then transferred onto the Snow Monkey Express train to Yudennaka.  When we arrived, our hotel driver was waiting for us at the exit to drive us to the hotel which was about a…

Enjoy the Beauty of Leaves in the Fall

In the Fall, leaves turn to red, yellow and brown throughout Japan.  This time of the year is when we enjoy certain food, nature and fashion before winter comes. This year I visited a Buddhist temple called Heirinji, it was built in 1375 in the Saitama prefecture. It is a one hour train ride away from central Tokyo with my photographer group….

Carrots salad

They were selling organic vegetables, lunch boxes and drinks on the back street of Omotesando.  I got colourful vegetables and made a salad.