So Addicted to the Monthly Vegetable Kitchen Event

Macky, the veggie distributor, now holds his vegetable kitchen events at the restaurant, KAFUKA, the third Saturday of each month. He still holds events at the Love Story Kitchen Studio in Shinjuku Gyoenmae monthly during the week. Because I reside not too far from where KAFUKA is situated, I have now been attending his vegetable event at KAFUKA for the last few months. I look forward to each month as he comes up with amazing, amusing fantastic dishes each time. I am so addicted to it:)

12063658_538509139631858_2416379656558066138_n 12043007_538509229631849_7270802103479210364_n 1525312_538509496298489_1684894402986942751_n 12039738_538509726298466_963834822198980296_n 12027523_538509779631794_8659263289059554423_n 12074988_538510172965088_993738674766032729_n 11229550_538510992965006_7630131121102721165_n 12046848_538511042965001_253414787021300157_n 11988780_538511149631657_6474815296211035435_n 12049605_538511196298319_1342495029689407440_n 12038385_538511222964983_2100377156050325281_n 12033101_538511382964967_8350929330207406194_n 12036444_538511466298292_2720536775916427794_n 12065727_538511476298291_948998485354195038_n 11062051_538514106298028_2301670379501041601_n 12038457_538514159631356_1384340949035781557_n 11951930_538514236298015_3242803078349133914_n


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  1. Looks amazing! Wish I could join 🙂

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    1. let me know when you visit Tokyo!

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