Wine x Japanese food @Kafuka

Another event I attended at the restaurant Kafuka in Azabu Jyuban…. The collaboration of various champagne and wine with Japanese food. The executive Sommerier, Hisao Morigami has a special talent to get us intoxicated by his talk about wine: the smell of the ocean, it’s special vintage year….in addition to the alcohol in the drinks that also brings the guests into the intoxicated world.

For each champagne and wine, the Kafuka chef created matching food. Who would think this dreamy marriage of western wine and Japanese food would be so perfect? Well it is.

We tried seven different kinds of wine/champagne with matching dishes.

You also get to mingle with other guests and swipe business cards to network as always. You meet people you don’t normally meet. You listen to interesting stories. The guests plan a trip together to go to a winery.

Anyway, I enjoyed each moment as a special one time moment. The event conludes with a wonderful dessert with a glass of champagne. The evening is too short…

The event costs 16,200 yen per person including tax.  It is a ticket to join this dreamy event.

IMG_0765 IMG_0767 IMG_0768 IMG_0769 IMG_0770 IMG_0771 IMG_0774 IMG_0776 IMG_0778 IMG_0783 IMG_0785 IMG_0786 IMG_0787 IMG_0789 IMG_0790 IMG_0792 IMG_0793 IMG_0797 IMG_0801 IMG_0803 IMG_0806 IMG_0807 IMG_0809 IMG_0812 IMG_0813

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