Visiting the Pottery Artist in Gifu


We visited Hirohisa Kondo, the pottery artist in Gifu. I have known him through the vegetable kitchen chef I learn vegetable cooking from and I have visited Hirohisa at the exhibition he does periodically in Tokyo there after. He lives on a mountain with his family and the art studio is behind his house. It is 180 years old and he is the only one who still has these special ovens called oven steps where multiple ovens line up on a hill like the stairs where he can bake his pottery simultaneously. We took a bullet train from Tokyo to Nagoya and then rode a local train to get to the mountain which is about a 50 minutes ride. He came and picked us up at the train station and drove us to his house. There we were welcomed with  the wonderful hospitality of his family and enjoyed homemade cheese cake his wife baked with coffee served in the coffee cups he made by the fireplace overlooking the nature outside through the glass window. His house was full of art pieces that we enjoyed looking at while relaxing and drinking coffee. We then visited the old farm house kind of art studio. In the backyard you can see wild animals such as deer come by. It was such a peaceful and wonderful opportunity we experienced and we are very thankful for Hirohisa and his family. Hirohisa creates his art pieces using only the local materials: the earth, woods and glasses for hire, water, etc. Each piece is so earthy and beautiful. I own 6 pieces of his pottery and I cherish it very much.



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  1. iscribbler says:

    Beautiful pictures and lovely pottery! I can see how where he makes pottery has influenced his art. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Thank you for visiting my page! The place was amazing, indeed.
    It was a very nice trip.


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