Organic Produce Stand in Omotesando

Macky, the local organic produce distributor, sells his fruit and vegetables periodically to the public at a place called THREE in Omotesando. The location is near the farmers market they hold on weekends at the United Nations premises in Aoyama. So you can visit both on the same day. Macky has special connections to unique farmers throughout the Japan islands. I say unique because these farmers produce unique vegetables using niche methods analyzing the soil, temperature, the environmental factors so they are all organic but still able to make vegetables that the high-end restaurant owners specify and ask for; such as colours, sizes, foreign vegetables, etc. but still natural. He also does work to help and support those family owned small farms by connecting the buyers in Tokyo to them.
Therefore, supporting Macky means supporting small farms in the rural area of Japan and for the agriculture of Japan while younger generations are not succeeding their parents farms.

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