The restaurant HOUSE in Nishiazabu

Macky, the organic vegetable distributor, and I visited one of the best restaurants in Tokyo where they serve his organic vegetables.  The name of the restaurant is HOUSE. It is named HOUSE because the owner chef wanted it to be like someone’s home where you can relax and enjoy as if you are in someone’s home. Situated in the hidden alley with no restaurant signs other than the little board stand in front of the elevator, you will probably not be able find this place unless someone personally takes you there.  Yes this is a hidden place (supposed to be a private residence right?).  The building does not even look like a commercial facility but a residential condo building.  You take the elevator up to the 4th floor. There you will find the entrance to the nice cozy space with the patio that looks like a garden and the staff welcomes you with a big smile.  I did a formal greeting with the owner chef Yuji Tani of Gather Inc. and all the staff there are friendly and kind.  We tried several appetisers made of fresh organic veggies, nuts and fruits.  The Japanese Spring Udo root coated with crispy pistachio nuts and tropical fruit juice was just amazing. The crispy fried potatoes were awesome.  They have a good collection of wines.  One of the uniqueness of this restaurant is that they cook rare meat for the main dish.  So for the main dish we tried the slow roasted Japanese deer.  For dessert, we tried the blue cheese cake with strawberry and walnuts.  Everything was delicious. I highly recommend this place if you would like to try something different at a cozy, nice place.

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