Tokyo Metropolitan Teien (Garden) Art Museum

My brother and his family and I visited the public garden museum in Shirokanedai after we had lunch in Meguro. Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum was originally built in 1933 as one of the Imperial family residences.  There was a time when the government rented it to use it as a residence for the prime ministers back then.  It then later had been used as a guest house for diplomatic purposes by the Imperial family. Since 1983, it is open for the public. The cherry blossoms were all done but we could enjoy beautiful flowers and a nice walk in the garden. We could not get to go visit the Japanese garden and the main historical building because of construction and renovation but I would love to revisit the place once it reopens and enjoy their famous tea house.


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  1. sdelreg says:

    These posts are all really great, Naoko! How have you been?

    Best regards,


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    1. Thank you, Steve. I am doing well. Hope all is well with you!


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