Rose Festival in Chiba

Each year, thousands of people visit the Rose Festival at the Keio Rose Garden in May and June.  It is situated 1.5 hours away from Central Tokyo.  The nearest train station is called Keisei Yachiyo Midorigaoka.  Midorigaoka means green hill.  It’s about a 15 minute walk but you can also take a taxi.  They offer a free shuttle bus on the weekend from Keisei Yachiyo-dai station. The entrance fee is 1200 yen but you can purchase a ticket for 900 in advance at different places which they show on their website.  I got mine in Ginza in Tokyo when they had a promotional event at Fancle cosmetic store earlier in May.  We had lunch at the Rose restaurant right outside of the park.  There is one restaurant, one bakery and one cafe on the premise. At the cafe, you can get a rose ice-cream, a very pink ice-cream which tastes like rose.  Each day there is an event, live music, gardening lecture and celebrity speeches.  Outside of the garden there is a huge nursery and many gift shops to browse.

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