The University of Tokyo in November

We visited the Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo to enjoy a walk during the holiday.  On holidays, classes are closed so the students are not around.  But the campus is open for the public, so people go there to spend time to enjoy the nature.  There is a pond and many trees.  At the end of November, it is the end of Fall and the begining of Winter.  Leaves are blowing out from the trees with a chilly wind.  The sky was blue, we call it “Akibare”, a fall sunny day.  You can spend a relaxing peaceful time walking around and enjoying the nature.  There is a nice green tea cafe on the campus but it was too crowded to enter so we went to Starbucks, also on the campus, to have a coffee.  Visitors can also dine at any of the student cafeteria’s at a visitor’s price.  We had lunch at one of the cafeteria’s.


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