Visiting the Pottery Artist in Gifu

We visited Hirohisa Kondo, the pottery artist in Gifu. I have known him through the vegetable kitchen chef I learn vegetable cooking from and I have visited Hirohisa at the exhibition he does periodically in Tokyo there after. He lives on a mountain with his family and the art studio is behind his house. It is 180…

Pottery Artist Masaaki Hibino

Here is a creation from Masaaki Hibino, the pottery artist from Gifu who has captured my heart.  I have finally obtained these beautiful pieces from him and I am delighted to use them and make my dining experience more enjoyable.  The style of his pottery is called Mino Yaki.

The Painter Toshio Midorikawa

When the 3.11. earthquake hit Tohoku, the artwork that the Painter Toshio Midorikawa was working on at the time was in his art studio in Tokyo. His artwork fell down and broke into pieces.  The artist decorated these broken pieces to create special objects to express his feeling for the broken ones.