Garden Cafe

The cafe, Flower & Cafe Kaza-Hana, in Omotesando is situated in a secluded area.  You walk through a narrow street off the main street wondering if you are lost.  Then you will see a building that is covered by plants on your right side.  This is the cafe.  We ordered a cake, cappuchino, a rose and orange…

Coffe Sakan Syu

Coffee Sakan Syu is a coffee shop chain so you can find this place all over Tokyo.  The one I tend to visit the most is located in Shibuya but I also like the one in Yurakucho too.  The premium blend coffee I order is a heavily, tasty coffee that you will be addicted to….

Hibiya Park Center Cafe

After you’ve finished walking around Hibiya park, come visit the park center to rest and enjoy a cup of tea.  When it is sunny and warm, the outside patio is open.  When it is a cold and chilly day, the inside of the cafe is nice and cozy.


There is a perfect brunch spot located in Roppongi Hills called Launderdale. You can choose to either have your breakfast outside on the patio or inside of the restaurant. We choose to sit outside and enjoy the lovely weather. Launderdale’s speciality is their Soufflé.  However, it takes 20 minutes to be served if you would like…

Mister Donut

In Japan, donuts are smaller in size and they taste less sweet compared to the donuts they sell in the United States. At Mister Donut, they hold sale days where you can purchase donuts for 100 yen and pies for 120 yen each.  People line up to buy their favorite ones. Every time you shop…

Peco-chan Cafe

Peco-chan sweets have been a favorite of mine ever since I was small.  Fujiya restaurant is a place where I always feel at home.  My brother and I were often nicknamed as Peco-chan and Poco-chan when we were little.  Peco-chan is the girl and Poco-chan is the boy.  My childhood trauma of being resembled to…

Pancake Days Cafe

The Pancakes Days cafe in Harajuku serves exclusively just pancakes.  Pancakes… what a soothing and therapeutic sound.  It’s totally a comfort food… we got lucky to be able to get in without waiting.  Normally there is a very long line.  You have to wait for hours before you get to gave any pancakes. But people…

Eat Flan the Tokyo Way

Lately, I have been taking voice lessons on a weekly basis in Shibuya.  On my way to class, I discovered a hidden gem. If you walk up this hill, you will find a coffee shop that serves the most delicious, fresh coffee.  They are known as having a famous dessert patissier.  The name of this…

The Garden Cafe @ Aoyama Flower Market

You can find Aoyama Flower Market, the franchise florists, everywhere in Japan.  But this one in Omotesando is special. There is a hidden tea room inside of the store.  The tea room is full of fresh flowers and sunlight and is the place for any flower lover to enjoy a relaxing tea time.

Thrush Cafe — Sunday Breakfast Overlooking the Garden

A breakfast spot I highly recommend is the Thrush Cafe at Happoen in Shirokane.  On the weekend, their breakfast hours are quite early, served from 8am with the last order taking place at 10am.  You can choose to be seated either outside in the nice, sunny balcony area or indoors on the trendy tables.  Breakfast with…

Hello Kitty Cafe

I was a big fan of Hello Kitty when I was a kid.  I am not anymore but I still order Hello Kitty pancakes if I have a choice.

Sakuragaoka Cafe AKA Goat (Yagi) Cafe

One of the coolest spots in Shibuya is a cafe that has goats.  We just love this Goat Cafe. The coffee tastes soooo good here.  It is 600 yen for a cup.

Bakery Cafe 426

Bakery Cafe is one of my favourite cafes to enjoy breakfast in Omotesando.  You can enjoy your breakfast on their patio upstairs.

Rose Bakery

I guess Rose Bakery is doing well in Tokyo. There was a long line and waiting time to get our seats in the tea room in Shinjuku (Isetan Dept. Store).  Our favourite carrot cake was all sold out (tears). But it is definately the perfect place to have some coffee and chat after shopping. Related…