Rose Festival in Chiba

Each year, thousands of people visit the Rose Festival at the Keio Rose Garden in May and June.  It is situated 1.5 hours away from Central Tokyo.  The nearest train station is called Keisei Yachiyo Midorigaoka.  Midorigaoka means green hill.  It’s about a 15 minute walk but you can also take a taxi.  They offer a free…

The Nezu Museum

The Nezu museum first opened in 1941 by Mr. Nezu Kaichiro, who was one of the industrialists back then.  The museum is situated in Minami-Aoyama near Omotesando. This place is known as a big collector of Japanese and East Asian arts (with more than 7400 pieces).  The Japanese garden next to it is very peaceful and…

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien (Garden) Art Museum

My brother and his family and I visited the public garden museum in Shirokanedai after we had lunch in Meguro. Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum was originally built in 1933 as one of the Imperial family residences.  There was a time when the government rented it to use it as a residence for the prime…

Enjoy the Beauty of Leaves in the Fall

In the Fall, leaves turn to red, yellow and brown throughout Japan.  This time of the year is when we enjoy certain food, nature and fashion before winter comes. This year I visited a Buddhist temple called Heirinji, it was built in 1375 in the Saitama prefecture. It is a one hour train ride away from central Tokyo with my photographer group….

Hibiya Park in June

It is very nice to visit the park during different seasons.  The golden colour leaves was nice in the Fall but it is also nice in June to enjoy the Ajisai flowers AKA Hydrangea. The early summer climate is inviting people to come enjoy sports, walking, photography and volunteer work in the park.

Hibiya Park in the Fall

Hibiya Park is a public park well known as a place for outdoor concerts. The park is situated in the middle of Tokyo’s office district near the Imperial Park, adjacent from the Imperial Hotel.  Various events are held throughout the year in the park.  Free admission.

Hamarikyu Garden

Hamarikyu garden, is a city owned, public property that is situated by Tokyo bay near Shinbashi and Shiodome. It is a Japanese garden that has been there since 1654.  Today it is there for people to enjoy the many seasons. They are open from 9 am to 5 pm.  Admission is 300 yen for an adult…

Green House

When you visit Shinjuku Garden, stop by their green house.  The soothing sounds of the waterfall is like therapy to me.  And being surrounded by flowers and plants is like going to a different dimension.

Shinjuku Garden

I recommend that you visit Shinjuku Garden not once but every season of the year. In Spring, you will get to see the magnificent scenery of the cherry blossoms.  And in Fall, you can enjoy the melancholy of the autumn leaf colours.  A delightful experience is guaranteed every time you visit the garden.  Admission is 200…

Happoen continued…

It is really nice to be able to enjoy beautiful gardens in the middle of the city.  Tokyo has many gardens and parks, both public and privately owned.  I hope you will join me in cruising around Tokyo and visiting the gardens and cafes it has to offer. Happoen is one of my favourite places.

Happoen Japanese Garden

Situated in the middle of the quiet, Shirokane area lies Happoen Japanese Garden. Previously owned by a successful merchant back in the Edo era, around the 17th century, it is now open for the guests of the hotel.  Happo means “from 8 angles”.  En means garden.  So Happoen means a garden beautiful to look at from…

Gyoran Slope Neighborhood

It was a very, hot day. I decided to walk around before dawn as the heat was cooling down.  I looked around the flowers here and there.  

Nabeshima Shoto Koen

Just a few blocks away from the busy Shibuya streets, there is a park with a beautiful pond in a residential area. The name of the park is Nabeshima Shoto Koen.

The Imperial Palace Garden

Situated in the middle of Tokyo, but yet the tradition and nature are preserved at the Imperial Palace of which the gardens and the museums are open for public and the admission is FREE.  The gardens are so beautiful that you may want to keep visiting to enjoy the flowers of each season.