Shibuya Street Photographers

Street photographers will gather periodically to go out and shoot the streets.  The organiser is American and has been living in Tokyo for the last 10 years, he happens to know every hidden street in Shibuya. I brought along with me my Canon 5D and explored the town with the other street photographers.   Here are some…

July 7th — Tanabata Festival

July 7th in Japan is Tanabata, a Japanese star festival.  It celebrates the day when the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair) come to meet. According to legend, they can only meet once a year on July 7th.  It is a fairy tale.  To make your wishes come true, write your dream on a…

Public Bus Deal

The bus fee is 200 yen regardless of the distance.  When people turn to the age of 70, they can obtain a free ride pass that is good for any buses and subways that are run by the City of Tokyo.

Urban Dogs

Sometimes dogs forget that they are dogs and I don’t blame them.

Statue of Hachi

A dog story of loyalty in Tokyo has been spoken about by many people. Many more tourists have visited him after the movie Hachi was released.  Please visit Hachi when you are in Shibuya.  R.I.P.  Hachi….