Shibuya Street Photographers

Street photographers will gather periodically to go out and shoot the streets.  The organiser is American and has been living in Tokyo for the last 10 years, he happens to know every hidden street in Shibuya. I brought along with me my Canon 5D and explored the town with the other street photographers.   Here are some…

Christmas Dinner at home

It was nice to have special guests to have dinner together for Christmas and it turned out to be very international.  They were from Britain, France, Korea, US and Japan.


Instead of just using one plate for different food, having many smaller plates for one meal is very enjoyable and stimulus.  You can be creative in selecting which plate to use for which food, how to color coordinate, how to not overeat and which food is for what season.

Tea Drink Coasters

Here’s the newest addition to my coaster collection. At first it looks like this:   There is a button hole at the end to hold the edge. Now it’s ready to use! My collection

Balcony Farm

Planted veggies. There are many urban gardeners in Tokyo. I am a wanna-be urban farmer. Related articles Pasona02 in Chiyoda, Japan ( Sprucing Up Your Balcony (

Small Space Garden

If you live in central Tokyo, you are unlikely to have your own backyard or garden. Many of us live in a condominium and have a limited space on the patio.  Mine is really, really tiny. That does not necessarily mean that we cannot enjoy gardening though. Related articles How To Make Your Own Balcony…

The Blogging Center

My little cozy place in Tokyo is just too perfect for me to hideaway and read books.          

Nail Salons in Tokyo

In Japan, we like to get gel applied to our nails instead of a regular manicure .

The Blogger in Her Kitchen

I try to cook as often as I can when I am at home. Japanese gas stove and oven.  Home appliances are pretty much high tech in Japan.